What does it mean when an ex drunk texts you?

I've wrote a question before asking for help on my break-up. Basically my ex thoughout the 6 week break up has ignored me, then told me how much he loves me but can't take me back, accused me of never liking me and most recently, we just don't talk and I see him Monday to Friday at School and he always tends to be. I saw him at School yesterday and he kept looking over at me. However at 5am this morning he unblocked me on Facebook and messaged me saying 'hey..' I messaged back at 8am saying 'Hey, I'm pressuming you were drunk and regret saying that?' and he messaged back saying 'Yeah I'm so sorry, I suppose it's best if we go back to not talk'. What does this all mean? I'm so confused. Is he just trying to Play games with me?
Always tends to be where I am*


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  • Sounds immature. Maybe he wasn't really drunk but trying to gauge how you presently feel regarding things. Hence him staring at you when you see him. He seems adamant on keeping the breakup going despite it technically not ringing true... his accusations. It sounds like he has self esteem issues that has nothing to do with you. I would just ignore him. Remember, he broke up with you and is being immature about it. Good luck.

    • Yeah he said he has trust issues. Brought them into our relationship, alwys thought I was going to cheat, hated having me on Facebook and dumped me because I had a photograph with a Boy. I just don't understand why he would message me at 5am and then wake up saying we should Keep away from another still but 'he just gets tempted'. I don't get it. I love him with all my heart and it hurts so much but I don't understand what he's playing at?

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    • Yes I know where you are coming. It just makes me feel like he has moved on though with the 'stay away' message but then confusing with the 'I get tempted' bit

    • I hear you, but breakups are a part of life. Its a learning experience to help you know what you want in the future. This guy barely knows what he wants, and is trying to figure it out. But in time, this situation will pass and you will meet someone new.

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  • It means that you've got an answer to all that time you've been sitting wondering if he ever thinks about you! It's natural to think about an ex, it's losing someone that was a part of your life, almost like they died. Some people pray and some people just talk to their diseased loved ones whenever they miss them. Well this is pretty much the same, except that you can't do it so often without feeling like an idiot, especially if your ex hates you. So then occasionally if your drunk, at least you can blame that embarrassment on the alcohol. It just lightens the shame by 0,1 percent haha.

    On the other hand, some people gets into a stupid fight with their new girl/guy and then they think "I will not go back again" and then they sms everyone they're interested in, including their exes. But as soon as they sober up they forget about you and the heartache starts and they keep thinking about how they will not be able to live without the present girl/guy.

    You never know someone's intentions, so don't get excited. But if you broke up like a week ago, you must think if you realy want to be with this person, and weigh up the good and the bad of the relationship and examine if it's worth it for you in the end to keep doing this.

    People always say it gets worse, I'd like to disagree, cause relationships gets a dip after about 6-8months and then once you fought it out and finally understand each other, you love each other more than you ever imagined. But if it's a dip since the beginning, you should maybe think about moving on, just force yourself, I believe that you can love anyone, it is a choice and that you can choose to stop loving too, which is very manipulating on yourself and takes a while. But it will happen


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