The symbolism of matching rings

The symbolism of matching rings

I think of matching rings as a sign of commitment. I'm trying to figure out why my friend keeps telling me that my boyfriend buying us rings is us basically getting engaged. I mean yes there is symbolism behind it, but does it really signify marriage? Its not a promise ring. It supposed to represent our love and our future together but what I want to know is how guys view this, if you really loved a girl and wanted to marry her next year would this be basically getting engaged or is it really the thought that counts or am I just lost?


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  • I actually got a really nice ring for my girlfriend pretty soon after we got together because we felt so strongly for each other. Plus we got together at a bad time and were going to have to be separated for a long while. It really is the thought that counts. If you feel strong and sure enough of a person to give them a ring then maybe marriage is down the road... but you don't necessarily need a ring to symbolize that. A circular band that goes on forever is just a very endearing thing for two lovers to hold on to and what that means changes with every pair of soulmates.

    • Thanks, I want to know your perspective of a boyfriend also buying a ring for himself and what you think matching rings symbolize?

    • Oh oops! I forgot to mention in my opinion that I actually got the same ring for the both of us. And to me it symbolized that we were together to tackle anything that came our way. I think if a girl did the same thing and got a pair of rings for her and her SO then he should appreciate that she put so much thought towards him. If he's scared because he thinks its inferring marriage then maybe he needs a little more time to mature :)

    • haha thanks so much
      he's buying the rings for us but for us I think its more symbolic of our plans to get engaged, but I love your meaning, so its the same thing
      guy buys girl matching rings

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