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Maybe you and your partner are a little strapped for cash so you can’t go out on a date, or maybe the weather is so bad you’d rather spend the time indoors. Either way, why not play some games at home for a change? Games when played together by a couple offers a great bonding time opportunity.

Before the Internet invaded our lives and made Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube household names, couples would play tennis, badminton, take a swim or bike together, etc. When it rained or snowed outside, game options became limited to Scrabble, game cards, Monopoly, and others. Some couples might have recited love poems while lying in bed or played Truth or Dare.

Then Internet happened and now couples have an unlimited access to cool games online.
Farmville, Mafia Wars, and Hold em’ Poker are three of the most popular games on Facebook which couples can play together. You only need two computers or laptops hooked to the Internet and then you can try to beat each other at these games. Couples can channel farm hands and water each other’s plants on Farmville, for instance. Feeling a little peeved because your girlfriend burned the steak? Declare war against her on Mafia Wars! Then maybe the one who loses will take care of the dishes or tomorrow’s dinner. Or maybe you can play TextTwist or Word Challenge to test who has the best vocabulary skills. As its name suggest, Typing Challenge is a test of typing speed.

The above are wholesome game choices for couples looking to merely pass the time. If the intent, however, is to set the stage for intimacy, then there are love games which are more appropriate for this.

1. How about playing Monopoly... in your birthday suit?
The rule is like this: If you end up on the opponent’s property, you have to take off one article of clothing (If you intend this to be played longer maybe you can wear several layers of clothes. If you only start with a tank top and shorts, you might be in the buff a lot sooner! But watch out: If you go bankrupt, you will have to remove all your clothes at once.

2. Consenting Adults
Another naughty game for couples is Consenting Adults. This love game comes with 200 activity cards containing 500 naughty suggestions, from playful to downright racy. You can choose to consent or not to each suggestion, giving you full control of how wild you want this game to be played. Consenting Adults is a good way to explore the boundaries of your relationship and to shed off each others' inhibitions.

3. Turn a wholesome Scrabble game into a foreplay of sorts
How about changing the rule to only include sexy or naughty words? The more lascivious or wicked the word is, the higher the points. So for an hour or so, you and your partner will only entertain lewd thoughts. If you don’t end up racing each other to the bedroom in no time at all, that means you’re not being creative enough.

Dating at home together provides the best environment to hang out together. The perfect date is about exploring chemistry and you'll never get a better opportunity for spend one-on-one time alone that in the comfort of your own home.

About the author: Matt Fuller writes about several topics that relate to online dating sites. Matt has been working in the online dating industry for nearly 10 years.


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