Sexualities Explained


I've seen a lot of people on here confused about what sexuality is what, so I figured I'd write a short my take explaining some of the biggest ones

Sexualities Explained

1. Homosexual (Gays and Lesbians)

Sexualities Explained

Sexualities Explained

These are the men and women who are ONLY attracted to the same gender as them, both romantically and sexually. This is the most known of LGBT sexuality.

2. Bisexuals

Sexualities Explained

Bisexuals are attracted to both sexes. Some may prefer one slightly over the other, but they still are attracted to both of them. Bisexuals are NOT "Confused". They simply like both sexes.

3. Pansexuals

Sexualities Explained

This group is often confused with bisexuals.

The difference is this: Bisexuals like men and women, while pansexuals like ALL genders (agender, bigender, etc).

4. Demisexual

Sexualities Explained

Demisexuals are ONLY attracted to those who they have formed an emotional connection with.

This is not the same as only dating someone you have known for a while. You, (unless you're demisexual), can look at a stranger and find them hot. You can look at someone you haven't known and say "wow, they're attractive". A demisexual can not experience this.

5. Asexual

Sexualities Explained

These people experience no sexual attraction at all. Some will have sex with their partners if their partner wishes, but they don't feel the need or desire for sex like others do.

(However, they CAN experience romantic attraction, which is separate)

6. Grey Asexual

This one is often missed. A grey asexual very very rarely experiences sexual attraction, or only to a very few certain people.

7. Biromantic Homosexual/Biromantic Heterosexal

Sexualities Explained

Sexualities Explained

A biromantic experiences ROMANTIC attraction for both sexes. Meaning they could enjoy the idea of cuddling, going on dates, or even kissing both genders. However, they only experience sexual attraction to one of these sexes. They only would enjoy sex with one of them.

I hope this described these well enough and maybe taught some people some. These are pretty basic definitions and if you want to learn more I'd suggest looking online and doing some research.

If I made a mistake in one of these descriptions, please comment and tell me too! Im obviously not all of these sexualities, so while I did my best there's always the possibility of mistake.

Sexualities Explained
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  • xXiTacoXx
    I would also like to add that demisexuals can tell when a person is good looking or not. We may not be attracted to you at first sight or at all like normal people would be, but it doesn't mean we're blind. We can find people aesthetically pleasing without being sexually attracted to them. Sort of like how a person could find different works of art aesthetically please. This is something I find a lot of people get confused about when it comes to demisexuals. Especially if we mention if someone's good looking/cute/etc. Demisexuals can also feel attracted to celebrities not because of looks, but because when it comes to actors, actresses, musicians, etc their job is to make you connect with them and bond with whatever song their singing or character they're playing. Sort of like what people do with fictional characters. There's also different types of demisexuals like panromantic demisexuals, homoromantic demisexuals, biromantic demisexuals, heteroromantic demisexuals, and more.

    -Sincerely, a demisexual Taco the Great.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • 0112358
    These are not actual categories of people, they are various descriptions. The descriptions hold really meaning. But it's a bit like saying some people are tall and others are short. There are not actually two distinct groups of people. And you could add 'medium' and 'medium tall' and it wouldn't ever be 'well now we've got every category'. But that also doesn't mean everyone is the same height. Some people are very hetero, some very gay, some very asexual, some very high drive, some very demisexual, some very sexually interested in random people, some feel romance to some groups that overlap with who they have sexual interest in, some feel romantic interest in some other group.

    So they're all meaningful descriptions, they're just not truly distinct categories.
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  • Browneye57
    Ridiculous. At your age you're in no position to be explaining people's sexuality. You're just embarking on your own discovery. Sorry toots. :)
  • Kiran04
    There's straight, gay, and bi. Pan, demi, or whatever is just one of the previous 3 with an extra side of bullshit.
  • jokercard
    Thanks for spreading this!
  • Whaler
    This hurts my head.
  • ovoxo_
    I thought asexuals dated no one
    • Anonymous

      Nope, they just don't like sex
      Unless they are romantic asexuals, then they don't like sex or dating

    • Anonymous


    • ovoxo_

      If they date people then there's attraction. That means they're not asexual.

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  • Good_Behavior
    It looks like we keep making up more shit.
  • Hungry_Shark
  • Nora_Sutherlin
    Add more shit to the pile of shit we already have.
  • Revolver_
    Great explanation
  • CT_CD
    Thanks for explaining
  • PrincessVV
    Excuse me but where is straight?
    • Anonymous

      I didn't think I really needed to explain that because like... 100% of people know what it means to be straight

  • Tohhru
    I want stab my eyes out
  • Nice222
    Thanks for explaining
  • Anonymous
    i just thought i was bi the whole time but i fit more into biromantic because i dont think i would fuck a guy cause i hate anal. id suck a dick tho so maybe not. lol I don't know
  • Anonymous
    Well I guess I'm grey asexual then.
  • Anonymous
    There's also apachesexual
  • Anonymous
    The problem with all these labels is that all of them exist on spectrum, and indeed would probably be better illuminated with a set of multidimensional plots. Axis would be romantic vs sexual for each sex/gender (yes I do understand the difference), and a plot showing gender preference (desirability vs attractiveness maybe? For a plot with exclusively male & female you could do that in 3D). You would most likely have to do it as a set of points or a line to get an accurate picture.
  • Anonymous
    Thanks this actually helped me 😊