Best option for short guy (169cm/5'6'')?

Hey there! As I have stated in the title, I am a short guy (5' 6'') and I'm from Europe (Italy) but currently live in Melbourne (Australia) and my height has always been a huge deal-breaker for women, but I'd say in Australia even more so than Italy. I've never had a date, let alone a gf and don't get me started on sex... I have found women care way too much about a guy's height regardless of her height and 100% of women prefer tall men (meaning above average, not just taller than them) so I have decided to take one of this drastic changes:

A) Go gay, since gay communities are more accepting of shorter than average men.
B) Get a sex change, since I'd be more accepted as well.
C) Get a leg-lengthening surgery, this is the one that appeals me most. I could go up to 5' 9'' which starts being a respectable height. Even if it goes wrong and get stuck on a wheelchair forever, I'm sure there are more women willing to date a disabled man than women willing to date a short man, so it seems a win-win situation.
D) Commit suicide, since no matter what, we are seen as losers and everything we do it has to be because we are overcompensating. I have black belt in Taekwondo and a major career in IT but women still prefer a 6' 2'' whiney loser who may end up cheating on her because hey, he's tall and she can still wear heels.
I have no physical preferences AT ALL. I love women, slim women, fat women, short women, tall women, blonde women, brunette, redheads, flat chest, big chest. But they all want other guys instead.

Sorry if I make some mistakes, English is not my first language. Italian is.
Best option for short guy (169cm/5'6'')?
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