Would you date a girl that does pagents?

So I have been doing pageants most of my life this guy that I'm talking to tells me it's stupid and his family and friends will think I'm stuck up and the rest of the world and saying that I'll never go anywhere in life if I keep doing pageants


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  • My initial thought when I hear "pageant girl" is that she's going to be stuck-up, superficial, an attention whore, high maintenance, selfish, and a bitch.

    Having said that, I'd never rule a girl out just because she did pageants. If we click and she proves that she's a good person, I'd have no problem dating a pageant girl.

    Final advice- Don't date or do anything with this guy. He doesn't have respect at all for a hobby that is a major part of your life, therefore he does not respect you.
    Also, what his family will think of you shouldn't have any weight on him being okay with dating you.


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  • I don't know anyone that does personally, I see this stuff on tv, so my opinion come with a grain of salt... I think it is shallow and for stuck up people as well, sorry, but being honest.

  • I would but you wouldn't date me.


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