Boyfriend keeps talking about 'babies'. Why?

My boyfriend of 6 weeks is really into children and likes them a lot. On our first date, we went to the park and I was looking at the people walking past us. There was a family with kids walking past us, who I was looking at. My boyfriend was watching me and then said 'Do you like children?' and said that the city that we live in 'is a good place to raise children'.

On our second date, he revealed to me that he did not believe that a woman should be working, as he would want his future wife to stay at home and take care of the kids.

On our last date, he asked me while we were cuddling in his bed whether I had any baby pictures of myself. When I described to him how I looked as a baby he was smiling and laughing at it.

During the same day, he squeezed my hand and said my hands were just like a baby's and started talking about how cute little baby fingers are.

He has also been saying that I'm just like a baby and that I make 'baby facial expressions' which he finds cute.

Why does he keep bringing up 'babies' on most of our dates? I don't really talk about it that often unless he brings it up.


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  • Who knows what he'll do next, maybe even show up to your next date in just a diaper!

    Couple things could be why. Maybe he's trying to show you his 'father' potential. I feel like at a certain age, women are looking for a guy they can start a family with, so he may be thinking along those lines and just expressing them. He also could just really think babies are cute, maybe he's taken care of baby cousins, been close with younger siblings, etc.

    I get the feel that you find it kind of creepy, but seeing as you know what kind of guy he is aside from all the 'baby' talk, try to think about if he really is coming off as weird or if this is just a weird quirk. Perhaps you could even ask him about it, as in does he want to work with children or something along those lines, but maybe not exactly "What's with you and babies."

  • He wants to have children in the long run. I believe his behaviour isn't decent because that is quite strong for a new relationship and his views on what women should do is way too stereotypical.


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