Do girls like to go out with crossdressers in public, or at least not laugh? I have never taken a girl out in public. What do your friends say?

Going out in public with a girl as a crossdresser is a whole new experience for me. I'm really looking forward to it. But the girl will have to face the same intolerance I have faced crossdressing alone for three years. What are some of the issues that I can expect to come up in asking a girl to go out?


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  • I am dating a cross dressing man right now. Be up front with her, tell her why you do it and reassure her of her concerns. For me it was that ever pressing feeling of him running away with another man. Let her know that she will face scrutiny and negativity, but let her know you support her and appreciate all she is doing for you. That it means a lot.

    Laugh? If the woman laughs, she's not worth it. There is a website called Fetlife that is a great place to find like minded people.

  • Obviously most will assume you are a homosexual.


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