Asking out girls I see in public?

OK, this was intended to be a comment on an answer I got on a question I wrote about asking a girl out I walk past every once and a while. I got two answers, one from a girl basically saying proceed with caution, and the other from a girl saying it was more or less a bad idea to try it based on her thought process. I've also read past questions that were similar and their answers and addressed them below as well.

I'm 22 years old. You could say I’m shy, or clueless, or both. I've never had a girlfriend. or a date. or kissed. or held hands. or the most miniscule interaction between two people who are interested in one another romantically can share. I have tried getting to know girls before, and get stuck friend zoned. These girls only come up through friends of friends or people I know, and opportunities do not come up often as they either have a boyfriend, aren't interested, or wanna stay friends or whatever.

Its frustrating. People have told me wait and it will happen. Which I feel like Is only half true, cause I can’t sit around doing absolutely nothing. Nothing is going to fall into my lap. So I have to be somewhat proactive about it right?

Now I'm just thinking about odds here. How many girls do I meet that it is “acceptable” to approach through friends or clubs or activities or whatever, and talk to? Of those how many have boyfriends? Of those who don’t, how many aren’t looking for a guy? Of those who are, how many are actually interested? I may be wrong, but I'm feeling like this is a real small number. Which leads to my next thought…

Why is it so wrong to approach a girl I see in public, one walking past on the street if I am genuine about my actions? Is it wrong because I don’t know her? Isn’t that the whole point of dating? Getting to know someone? Note: I don’t go around wanting to approach every girl I see, I see plenty of attractive girls, but every once in a while I see a girl and think. Could I talk to her?

I see people saying its creepy or weird. I guess maybe awkward…I admit I don’t have a solid explanation for that I guess. But I do ask why? Why is it creepy or weird? I’d do it in a public place, I know damn well its not alright to try this at night, or alone. I get why that would be creepy.

I see people saying it is not OK because I only want sex, or apparently seem like I want. That’s not fair, I plan on waiting till marriage. I'm not saying I want to marry this girl now. All I'm saying is I want to take her on a date. Get to know her.

Maybe its just a problem with society? Maybe its just a barrier I should respect? Should I just do that, respect it and pretend like there are billions of people in the world that are automatically off limits? (OK maybe billions is too much since I probably couldn’t meet that many if I tried, but I made my point right?) Accept that every day I could be walking by someone special?

Any insight or just taking time to read is greatly appreciated
Asking out girls I see in public?
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