Why would you bite someone's cheek?

Today my crush and I were just talking to each other. He grabbed my waist and softly bit my cheek. Why would he do that? What could it mean? (Does it even mean anything?) Am I supposed to bite his back? I'm not really experienced.. I don't understand these things. I've never had a guy bite my cheek before.


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  • Umm, maybe he closed his eyes and went in for the kiss, but fucked it up and bit you?

    • His eyes weren't closed though...

    • Well, then I don't know. Maybe he's got a thing for cannibilism? I would never bite anyone's cheek. Maybe it was playful.

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  • He might've been trying to kiss you, in which case, LOL at him.
    He also grabbed your waist.
    You people get such obvious hints why doesn't this happen to me. I don't even know what reaction my crush would have if I just suddenly did this.

  • Be over-sexed!


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