Is my boyfriend lying? He says didn't send text. Please help.

I received a text message from my boyfriend one night that said something like "Too bad you don't live close or I'd give you a massage." I called him immediately and he said he didn't know what I was talking about. I sent him the message and he said he never sent it. He was playing a game on phone and talking to his friend (he was at work). Is he lying or is it possible I got someone else's text. The text didn't have the weird extension like it was sent from web.


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    its possible that it was not sent by him.. maybe..

    but I've worked for cell phone companies for a while now and I've never heard of anything like that.. so chances are he slipped up and sent it to you by accident. I've done it before and there is no way I would have admitted it... sh*t, I would say my phone was stolen before id admit to something like that. but that's just me.. lol I don't know ure man or what he's like. did you recently send him a mesage right before you received that weird msg?

    DO NOT go looking thru his phone.. that's a nono.. besides if he did send it, it has probably already been deleted.

    just be carefull

    lol good luck

    • LOL. Thanks. You know how it is, I want to believe him. We've been together for almost 2 years. He swears he didn't send it. But I was suspicious before. He's a cop. (I've already heard those comments). He said I could look at his phone anytime and even look at the cell bill. We just got new Iphones. This just really sucks. I guess I should just listen to my instinct/gut. He said he had just downloaded some game. I had just sent him a text about 10 minutes before I got it.

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  • DEFINITELY seems a little shady to me. But I've also had things like that happen to me before and then realized I sent something to him earlier in a text and forgot about it. The only way I'd worry is if he doesn't live far from you at all... and also after this I would keep my eyes open if I were you. Don't be paranoid or anything, just keep a mental checkmark on it.

  • sorry hun but he's BUSTED! there's no way if it was from his phone...if he was smart he would have said his friend at work was using his phone but men are idiots...and cell phones are relationship killers...for things like that and significant others that call you right and left

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