What is the difference between kissing and making out?

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  • I think of a kiss as light and compassionate lasting no more then 2 or 3 seconds. It can include tong depending on how it's used; no tonsil hockey, but a gentle touch of tongs doesn’t fit my definition of making out.

    When I think of making out, eagerness comes to mind… prolonged contact lasting over 3 seconds.

    Those are narrow minded definitions of a kiss in my opinion but it's all dependant on the feelings passed between the couple when they do it and how they express themselves while kissing.


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  • well it depends on who you talk to, but the way I define it, is:

    just kissing: just kissing. generally not with tongues in my oppinion.

    making out: making out encompassas kissing and so much more. I don't consider it making out unless there's tongue involved. a good makeout sesh also includes groping, fondling, etc... basically using your hands as much as your mouth.

    so yeah. kissing is just kissing. making out is kissing, plus frenching plus so much more.

    • Ok so what is groping and fondling?

    • Lol... groping and fondling... kinda like grabbing and feeling eachother's bodies. usually sexual parts. like boobs, butt, and package.

      but yeah if you don't know what those are, you probably are too young to know. enjoy innocence while it lasts.

  • Kissing is usually just quick pecks. Making out usually involves tongue or longer and more intimate kisses.