BOYS any ideas as to why he acts like this?

when i talk to this guy conversations become awkward and quiet because he barely says anything. the pressure falls on me to think of things to talk about/questions to ask, yet still we have awkward/quiet conversations. when i run out of things to talk about he starts playing with his phone. I've seen his interactions with other girls/guys and he seems more talkative and overall engaged with them, also his instagram pictures show he's not shy at all - im thinking he's just trying to be nice by talking to me? he also avoids me and its obvious like skipping trains or buses when i get on.

there are moments where he sits with me on his own, smiles at me, or tries to talk about something on his own, but that goes on only for so long

some examples of my interactions with him:

a couple days ago he up to me on the bus after the holidays ended and we came back to school, the conversation did have quiet moments - though he was smiling and did seem interested though he didn't say a lot

after that a couple days later i met him again in the morning on the bus and he did sit with me. i couldnt think of much to talk about so we had a quiet/awkward conversation. when i was going home that very day i saw him again on the bus but i didn't notice until i got off it. then when we got upstairs to the platform waiting for the train to take us home, i saw him coming up with a friend, thus i acted like i didn't see him and avoided looking at that direction. we got on the same train but i sat on the opposite side. as we got near our final stop i saw him leave a stop earlier, which i noticed him do sometimes when im with him - im thinking thats his way of avoiding talking to me?

ps we both are 20


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  • One of two things.

    1 - He doesn't like you, which I don't think is the case if he keeps interacting with you at times.

    2 - He's an introvert.

    I'm an introvert, so I get this all the time. People think from pictures online that introverts are extroverts. And introverts can have fun when they are around people they are comfortable with. Those are the pictures you see. But when they are around everyone else, they close up.

    I think you need to move your interactions to somewhere else. Ask him out for coffee or for lunch one day and see what happens. That will give you more information than just riding the train together.

  • The problem is your expectations. You can't expect someone to be constantly talking, being quiet isn't awkward its natural. I do agree with the other guy he seems like an introvert and its just how it is.


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