Feeling my girlfriends butt?

Hey to all women out there. My girlfriend and i will be making out and i'll reach behind her and grab her butt, i'll hold it and rub it and stuff whilst we're snogging and i love it. However i want her to enjoy it as well instead of it just being for me. Girls, any tips on a way to feel her butt to make her feel good? any advice much appreciated, thanks! :-)


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  • why focus about butts? lol.. you can grab her by the waist from behind and kiss her neck... then your hands will grab her boobies and you'll kiss her and so on...

  • Unless she says something keep doing why you're doing. :) if a girl doesn't like something she will let you know, who knows if you change it she made be sad. Of course it doesn't hurt to shake things up and scatter your attention evenly so she doesn't feel like it's only her butt you care about lol :)


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