If we don't talk anymore, why does he still snapchat me on the weekends?

Well me and this guy started to like eachother. It was pretty casual though. We would have sex, drink, have sleepovers and cuddle or whatever and he kind of acted aloof with me 3 weeks ago, so I took that as a sign that he isn't that into me so I stopped texting him and stuff. He seems like the type who doesn't get girls often and he's been heartbroken a lot so he hasn't tried to talk to me. maybe his ego is upset or whatever but idc I'm not really into him anymore. I was the one who usually asked him to hang out and now he sends snapchats. Could he still be into me? I just don't see the point lol thanks.


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  • I think he doesn't know what he's doing, he's still into you- he wouldn't bother with contact otherwise. You should let him know nicely that he's wasting his time.

    • Well he doesn't text me though.. Just snapchat sometimes. That's why it's a little confusing ha

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    • I don't think he's got any idea what he's doing! lol

    • Haha yeah me neither. He's probably not all there in the head.

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