Why does he still send me snap chats if we don't talk anymore?

So long story short, I went on a date with his guy a while ago after that things fizzled out and we didn't really talk. Then I happened to see him again and we started talking and he asked me out again. However that date never came. The few times he asked me I was busy with college and I happen to go to school an hour and half away from our home town. The times I would try to make plans he would either say he was busy with work and other times I felt like I was being ignored. Finally I just said forget it and decided not to bother with him anymore. I never deleted him off my snapchat ( I added him when we first started talking). from what I noticed he doesn't use it that much and when he does he just posts something to his snap story. But recently he's been sending me direct snaps, nothing directly talking to me but still I think it's unusual. He's not one to take selfies, he's even said that himself, but recently he sent me one. He's also usually one of the first people to look at my snap stories anytime I post one. From personal experience the only time I use the direct snap is when I'm sending something to my close friends or if there's a guy I'm interested in I would direct snap him, anything else I just put in a snap story. Is he trying to get my attention again? Or I'm I just reading too much into it.
Why does he still send me snap chats if we don't talk anymore?
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