Why did he unblock me on Instagram?

Hi!!! Curious as to why a guy I dated recently unblocked me on Instagram but never followed or liked any pictures and hasn't reacted out to me. He blocked me after a bad argument a few months ago which lead me to send a message on Instagram to a girl he was following. He has a new number now and knows I wouldn't be able to contact him. Only answer this question if you have Instagram and understand how it works.

With Instagram you have to search the person to unblock them. When I block someone I never go unblock them because I either forget about them or just don't care enough to do it even if I am over them or not upset anymore. So I was wondering what he was thinking


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  • Possibly maybe he just didn't feel like having you blocked. In all honesty, having someone blocked on any social media is kind of low in my opinion.

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