Why has my ex unblocked me on Instagram?

When my ex ended things with me he blocked me on Instagram which is fair enough I understand people block others on social media sometimes it can be apart of break up.
We did still talk here and there over the phone until 3 months ago we both had a massive row I felt really hurt by his actions so I blocked him on WhatsApp. Weve not spoken in 3 months since this massive row and his still blocked on my whatsapp. I have noticed on Instagram his unblocked me and changed all his settings so his now got a open profile and I though this is weird. Why do you think his done that to try get my attention or something? Iv been hoping for a apology off of him especially it being the holidays but iv sadly not got one perhaps his not ready to which is fine or perhaps I will never get one. Its Not a apology to to get back together i am after its just in a civil grown up way really.
Why has my ex unblocked me on Instagram?
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