Why is my ex boyfriend's new girlfriend so invested in my life?

My ex randomly broke up with me. We had a falling out and he came back months later apologizing that he took everything for granted and really wants to make this work he even would send gifts to my house. Things were going really well then out of the blue he ditched me for a 19 year he met at work (he's 29) and turned really mean and cold and wanted nothing to do with me. I was having a hard time with it and when I randomly downloaded instagram his account popped up in my contact list. I posted a comment on a pic saying to please block me its just to hard to see the two of you and I know I'll just sit around and cyber stalk and I can just unblock myself.

I never contacted anyone in over a month then I notice her friends are following me on twitter and when I posted an old pic of the two of us his girlfriend likes it I sent her this article I wrote about how the two girls should not fight and when the guy is the one to be confronted, but she took it all wrong. Next thing I know she is texting me at 1am and won't confess how she got my number telling me it's disrespectful to have pics up of her boyfriend and how can I love someone who hurt me etc.

I tried explaining to her how powerful true love is when you can still care when you've seen their worst. I asked her how would she have known about the pic if I posted it over a month after I said anything

she said she had a "feeling" but then says she loves him and he loves her and she trusts him.(after 3 months?) If she trusts him so much why is she bothering me? my ex has been quiet since that day I asked him to block me so why is she still making it an issue. Me posting pics is my problem and my prerogative not hers she has my ex what more does she want.

I don't want him back I just want to heal from all of this but I can't when she keeps investigating my life
Why is my ex boyfriend's new girlfriend so invested in my life?
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