Why would my ex boyfriend's new girlfriend want to harass me and talk mess without any reason to?

i get harassed from my ex bf's new girlfriend all the time especially over twitter, and the sad part is I don't give her a reason to talk shit, and what I mean by that is I completely moved on from my ex I dont call text or even talk about him or her. I guess she just wants to try and ruin my life by dangling my ex in my face. Now my ex does not have any accounts on social media, but i do know that i always have this gut feeling he is instigating it all and still talking shit about me bc why would the new girlfriend till this day continue to say she knows me when she clearly doesn't, and talk about my past relationship i had with him, saying things like "he only fucked you over cause you let him lets be honest". throughout it all he sits there and plays the victim saying both of us are childish when i know for damn sure he's being shady and childish as well especially if i confornted him about it and he didn't want to answer the call but answers my friend text telling him about the bullshit that was going about his psycho girlfriend. I've been ignoring her and him, but its getting to the point I'm about to go off. I've moved on, but for some reason I can't fully be at peace if this girl is still bringing up my past with him which i find odd. like my ex literally gave her my number to call me on private and leave me stupid messages. Im not gonna lie I know she is threatened and insecure. but my main concern is that he needs to pacify his bitch.


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  • That just shows that your ex still thinks of you and that his new girlfriend sees you as a threat hence why she's nasty to you. Your ex has talked shit about you because it was obviously worth talking about. They are both overly immature and I have been in your situation and know how annoying it is but after the initial abuse I just began to find it funny cos it was so pathetic. It's like wow you two have nothing better to do? Enjoy it, it's hilarious and they are the ones embarassing themselves. Just enjoy your loving drama free relationship and pity them.

    Best you can do is treat her like a bully and ignore anything she does to antagonise you and eventually she'll get bored, promise

    • Thanks for the response really appreciate, I totally agree 😘

  • She's just jealous! Your ex probably talked about you or else, and she is nothing more but jealous. I'm hanging out with a guy right now and his ex, who was the one dumping him, is begging him to take her back. She's just jealous of what you have and who you are. She is just a pathetic, insecure little thing.

    • It's sad isn't it, yeah I agree she's pathetic, it's just so funny bc she lives with him in another state and has everything any girl could ask for but she's still hung up on me and my life and my looks lmao. Love your answer 😘

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