Why does my ex girlfriend keep viewing my Instagram story?

Back in February, a few days before Valentines, my girlfriend broke up with me and got with this other guy right after. As to why she broke up with me, it’s because this girl basically forced herself on me and kissed me and one of my ex’s friends saw and told her. But of course to her it looked like I was making out with the girl and I tried to explain what actually happened. She didn’t believe me, thought I cheated, and broke up with me.

Her current boyfriend (the one she got with right after) is someone she had been getting close to lately in the past couple months beforehand and I knew that he liked her, but I just feel she was just looking for an excuse to break up with me and the girl kissing me was it

A month later we were sort of back to acquaintances but very awkward. I blocked then unblocked her from my Instagram account twice so it would just be that she wasn’t following me. I did that twice and both times, she has followed me again (my page is not private). I’d also try to avoid her during our elective (it’s stage crew but it’s just free time in our auditorium most of the time) by going in one of the side rooms during the period but then her and two friends of ours (mostly hers) would follow me in almost everyday when I did do that, but then I would exit the room and just go somewhere else. by the way, we’d been together for about 8 months.

Since all that, every single one of my instagram stories has been viewed by her and about half by her boyfriend. I have not been the one to contact her since the breakup except on her birthday which is 10 days after mine since she greeted me happy bday. Although she has contacted me at least 7 times commenting on my Instagram story.

I’m just trying to figure out why she would be acting this way
Why does my ex girlfriend keep viewing my Instagram story?
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