Why did he delete me from instagram?

Okay, so i've been into this guy for a couple of months after running into him through work, we don't know each other. And one night after I saw him I decided to send a friend request on instagram (maybe a silly thing to do and I did regret it the same second because it's not my thing to do) he immediatley accepted and sent one back, we never really wrote to each other or anything like that but I noticed he would look at my instagram stories when I posted. Last time was last night, now I suddenly realized that he's deleted me (i don't follow him neither does he follow me) not blocked, but yeah the same thing. I'm kind of heartbroken in a silly way because I don't know what did wrong, i noticed he stoped following like 4 people and I'm one of them yet he still follows over 500 people I mean if it was because I was a stranger I highly doubt he knows all of them? I feel like a fool for even caring so much, like a teenager... But it hurts in a annoying way. Wish It didn't...


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  • maybe because you guys never connected or maybe do you post too much?

    • We never connected thats true, nope I don't post too much maybe 2-3 times a month if even that... I know it's silly but I really liked him and in a weird way I was hurt by it (I know really stupid)...

  • It's social media, don't place so much significance on it. Work on your self-esteem if it really does bother you some guy you barely know "deleted" you.

    • I know its really silly! And I can't barely believe myself, I usually don't care about such things maybe I was too much into him thats why.. Thank you for your advice:)

    • Unplug for a bit, go talk to real people 😊

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