Random cute girl added me to Instagram. What should my message to her be?

So this random cute girl from my town added me to instagram out of nowhere the other day. Today, I posted a photo and she "liked" it. I see that she works with a few mutual friends of mine, but I don't think I have ever seen her before (I don't know her). As I looked through her photos, it looks like she goes to the same gym as me.

My question is, did she add me because she likes me? or did she add me for any other reason? How did she find me? Do you think she got my name from my mutual friends?

She's super cute, so I'd like to send her a private message on Instagram (type on the notepad app, then screenshot it and send it as a private photo so only she can see it).

If I do this, what should my message say?
I was thinking straight out saying "Jenn! Have we met before? lol" ?
Should it be more Witty? Funny? Casual?
(need more suggestions of actual messages to choose from)

What's a good message to send to her without sounding like a douche?

Looking to send it in the morning. Please type out many suggestions to choose from. Help me out guys and girls! :)



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  • maybe she just added you just cause. She saw your profile, recognized your face, thought, "a new follower!"

    girls do it all the time. guys are thirsty ://

    • this girl doesn't look like she cares for followers. she only has like 250 followers

    • Don't think about it too hard. If you wanna get to know her ask for her number at the gym, That's how I'd rather be hit on, not by a freaking insta message (;

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  • I think your question should be... "should I be messaging Nev and Max?"

    • No but she's real, because she has photos with people i know lol

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  • Be casual but insightful. Ask her why she 'added' you, nicely.

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