She gave me her INSTAGRAM. is she interested?

I was talking to this girl in the club we were talking for like 10 minutes. We both spoke the same amount so it wasn't like someone spoke more than the other.

Towards the end, this girl asked if i had something she can contact me on.. and she opened up her notes page on her phone and said she'd follow me when she gets back internet connection and told me to type it there.

I said to her what do you want, my instagram or my snapchat, which one do you use most? she said just follow me on instagram ill follow you back tomorrow. i followed her on instagram, then we chatted for like 2 more minutes.. that's about it..

the next day she didn't follow me back in the morning so i unfollowed her.

Was she interested? She got her notes page because she's an international uni student...


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  • She wanted to finish up the conversation as you were boring her.


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