Why don't some girls give guys a chance?

I don’t understand girls sometimes. Some of you indicate and give off signs that you’re not interested, when you don’t respond back, but haven’t even gotten the chance to get to know the guy yet. Don’t get it honestly. There could be something you like about him and you don’t even know it yet.

I messaged someone I used to work with and they read my message, but didn’t respond back and it’s been a week. I don’t like her sexuality. I’m interested and would like to get to know her more because she’s goofy and funny, has a good personality, very smart, isn’t selfish, very nice and knows how to treat others, keeps things real and is a great person to work with.

I started off the conversation by asking where she took those amazing sunset pictures on her Instagram. I didn’t hint at being interested in her or anything along those lines for her not to respond, but she still didn’t respond back to me. We’re friends on Facebook and both follow each other on Instagram. I unsent the message because I’m assuming that she doesn’t want to tell me. I don’t know.

She had a complicated relationship with someone her and I worked with. She’s not in a relationship anymore. My only guess on why she didn’t respond back to me is because I’m older, than her. She’s 19 years old and I’m 28 years old, but why be friends with me on social media, if that’s the reason. I’m only assuming things at this point. We’ve talked before as co-workers, so I’m confused.

I want to message her again, but I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to give up because I might like something about her that I may not know about because I haven’t fully talked to her outside of work.
Why don't some girls give guys a chance?
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