Why do most guys feel entitled to a chance?

Yes women are less visual than men but they're not blind it's just that men value looks more than women so women are more capable of compromising on looks.

The way women and women compromise on looks is different.

Women compromise by getting an unattractive guy instead of an attractive one.

While men compromise by getting a less attractive woman (above average/average) instead of a more attractive woman (hot).

Why do guys feel that a girl should give a guy she's not attracted to a chance?

Especially since they don't approach women they find physically unattractive & sexually unappealing to see if she'll treated them nicely so you let that attraction grow.

I find it odd how guys approach based on attraction but don't want to get rejected based on attraction.

Or how guys think a girl should forgo attraction because he'll treat her well when they don't forgo attraction for a girl who'll treat them well.

A few of my girls date nerds because they're safe.

Odd relationship to be in when one partner feels no physical/sexual attraction but the other does.

2 of them have grown to be attracted but that attraction is intimacy based and they feel no sexual desire for the guys.
Why do most guys feel entitled to a chance?
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