Girls, how do you react to a guy kissing you on the hand? What does it mean to you?

I'm a freshman at college right now, and I am taking a Social Dance class.

There's a girl I met in this class that I really like, and the second or third day I danced with her, after a song was over, I thanked her for the dance before we switched partners. We shook hands as we thanked each other, and before we walked away from each other, I brought her hand up to my mouth and kissed the back of it, right above the knuckle on her first finger.

She smiled, and we have danced with each other since then, but neither of us has mentioned it since then. I think she had been kissed on the hand after dancing before, but I'm not positive.

She is a senior, but she will be staying in town over the summer, and I think she will still be in town as next year starts.

What should I do now? Should I bring it up myself, or just kiss her hand again after we dance next and try to gauge her reaction before I do anything else?

OK, so here's an update on what happened between she and I. We had a bike ride together last Fri, just spending time together. This week, when I was ready to ask her out, I found out she just entered a relationship. :( But thanks for the advice, folks.


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  • Some people would say the kiss on the hand thing is lame, but I kind of like it. It's unique and no one ever real does this anymore. I wouldn't read too much into it though. You need to treat as if it was just a playful flirting and that's it. Definitely don't talk about, because then she'll think you're a head case. Definitely don't do it every time you dance with her, because it will become old and lame if you do it too often.

    Here's the next course of action assuming you dance with her. The next time you dance with her do the following:

    - after the dance say, "thank you" and give her a kiss on the cheek

    - then say something like, "why don't we rest for a bit and go sit down and chat, I have a really funny/great/amazing story to tell you"

    - lead her to somewhere to sit down that isn't too loud for a conversation. Tell her a funny story about you that happened recently. Get the conversation going back and forth to build up rapport.

    - if things seem like they are going well, then ask if you want to hang out sometime or invite her to some event that you've already planned on going to. Get her phone number or email address and you're good to go for a date.

    Hope that helps. Good skills;)



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  • I LOVE the hand-kissing thing. It reminds me that chivalry isn't dead! Especially in a social dance class, it seems like it would be an appropriate and nice gesture. There was a guy in my social dance class last year who always kissed the girls' hands after dancing with us, and it just made me melt inside. Definitely talk to her after class or something, maybe try and dance with her some more, and try and arrange to hang out outside of the classroom.

    I would advise against the cheek kissing that modernsavage mentioned until you've hung out with her outside of class though. His advice is good otherwise, but at least in North American culture, cheek kissing is a shade too intimate if you haven't talked to her much. But I definitely love the hand kiss!

  • I think it's flattering since not many people do the whole hand-kissing thing. If she still dancing with you, then she probably felt the same I do about this. I wouldn't exactly kiss her hand again though. Try getting to know her, ask for her number. And eventually, maybe kissing on the hand will lead to other forms of kissing. ;] Good luck.

  • that has happened to me alot. iit's reaaaallly cute.

    and I always blush lol

    but seriously I've liked the guys who did it

    • there is no problem in kissing her hand in class because she already knows everyone wich mean there is no reason to feel inconfortable, being in the same class creat a space that can
      gather people
      people who dance are closer than they think
      doing the same ART ( dance ) make them feel good and share an experience that gather them.
      the clothes and movement and the fun that everyone is enjoying make it a very good environement because it is good AND it will open their mind more
      open their mind ==> make 'em more comunicative

  • That's a weird thing to do. I'd feel very awkward if a guy did that to me, like he's making fun of me somehow. But that's just me. I don't know how other girls would take it.

    If it were me and I were interested in the guy, I'd rather he not kiss my hand again. I'd prefer it if he talked to me aside from just dancing with me and got to know me. Get my number, call me. Eventually I'd want him to ask me out.

    Kiss me for real and not my hand haha


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