Guys, when do you ask your crush out? Girls, how long did it take before your boyfriend first asked you out?

How long does it typically take before you make your move?
Do you wait a few weeks? Months? Or do you usually just never build up the courage even if she flirts with you and gives you signs that the feeling is mutual?


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  • Well I knew her since last July when she became my coworker...
    I remember the earliest I started majorly crushing in her was on Halloween when we were both working.
    I asked her if she could "give me a ride" to the work holiday party in early December, but the day of, she "felt like shit" so that didn't happen.

    Eventually I asked her to hang out near the end of January, she said yes, but then something came up, then we were gonna do it a few days later but something came up for me, and we've pretty much both been busy since then.

    But finally, on kind of a spring break whim, I called her yesterday and asked if she wanted to hang today and she said yes so hurray hopefully she still can...


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  • Usually i wait till i have a private place to talk to them face to face because i feel like it has more meaning in it also if they are not interested in me i ask them why for future reference with other girls

    • How long does it take though? Weeks? Months? Until you have some sort of idea that she likes you too?

    • So it depends like right now there is a beautiful girl that i like now i am not the best of looking guys, but i am decent enough. i know when to ask her if she seems interested for example this girl offered me a hug because i looked a bit bummed out. i know this may just be friendly behavior, but she also she touches my chest with the back of her hand. Since this has really confused me because this chick is awesome and i am stuck wondering why me? i decided to ask her next time i get some private time with her like in the hall or something. But bottom line if the guy does not say anything to you give a break it's scary to be turned down give him a sure fire way to get him kick started try something indirect like "That's so adorable or cute" Things like this get my mind thinking if a girl says it to me. Sometimes even if socially rare just ask him

  • it took me 2 years for my first real "crush"

    • Ooh, that's interesting!

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    • Ohh. So would you say that you were ever in denial of your feelings for her?

    • yes i was. that was kind of what i´m getting at. but it was just due to the fact that i have no self confidence and thought she wouldn´t want me anyway so i might as well go for friends to begin with then i´ve got nothing to lose.

  • Most of the time I won't ever ask a girl out unless I feel very very sure that the feelings are mutual.

    • If you are sure that it's mutual, then when?

    • Then there's a decent chance I'll ask her out but it's not a guarantee by any means.

  • I test the waters to see if she likes me. If she doesn't give good signs I don't ask.

    • And if she does? How long does it take for you to decide? Weeks? Months?

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    • Thanks for your insight!

    • @darkhumorrus I didn't rush for that reason, I rushed so she wouldn't find another guy.

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