What Are The Signs A Guy Wants To Kiss You When You Are In The Movie Theatre.

I really like this one boy at my school and we always are looking at each other in class and smiling at each other & just flirting you know. I'm really into this guy but I've made the first move a lot of times and I never do that (lol) but we were going to see that saw 6 movie over our fall break together..just us and I don't want to make the first move into kissing him. what are some signs that he shows that he wants a kiss?


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  • He would put his arms around you and pull him closer in to you .. you might think that he's trying to keep you worm and stuff but next time when he does that lean in him and look up to him.. if he looks down at you look at his lips and see if he goes in for a kiss most likey he will if he's into you the way you r...

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