Why is the polynomous lifestyle looked down on?

Why is the polynomous lifestyle looked down on!?
Me personally feel like the world would be a better place living by it. But we get judged for living that lifestyle. I know a lot of you won't agree with it but why!?
Why is polygamous lifestyle looked down on?


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  • Math is sexy lol. We prefer the person we care for to hold us in special regard, which means not letting others borrow your tools. What if they don't want to give them back?

    • Honestly I want to thanks you for not correcting me even tho u understood what I was saying! And you actually answer the question!

    • Most people don't ask math related questions unless there is an opinion poll so I was feelin ya lol.

    • Lol I like the sarcasticness!

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  • Just a friendly advice, learn how to spell (and this is coming from a guy whose mother tongue isn't English). "Polynomous" is a mathematical term and has nothing to do with sexuality :D

    You were thinking of polyamorous lifestyle, which includes more than two partners.

    There are many different types of polyamory, start here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyamory

    Some relationships include others on emotional level, some only on sexual, it depends on how both partners agree.

    Me and my girlfriend are polyamorous in a way. We are exclusive on an emotional level but we both make a difference between love and sex so we sometimes practise sex with other parties involved. There are some rules we both agreed on, most important of them is complete honesty. I've been in many relationships in my life and this is the best one so far. We are together 4 years now and we are happy, love each other, we are sexually fulfilled like never before in our lives.

    I think I couldn't be in a traditional, strictly monogamous relationship again.

    • Lowkey you kinda pissed me off in the beginning. I just dont like being corrected if already understand what Im sayin. But at the end to find out you can't do strictly traditional really just brighten my night. Lol dont find a lot of girls who do

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    • Could I send you a private message if you don't mind?

    • @GirlsLie

      Sure, go ahead :)

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  • You mean polyamorous, right? I don't have a problem with that since humans aren't really monogamous by nature. However I think that who's ever wants to be polyamorous should discuss it with their potential partners.

    • um we're pretty monogamous compared to the majority of mammals.

    • @hypno-trip yes we are monogamous bc of more moral and/or societal standards but we easily don't have to be.

    • Well I just think it's debatable if we're naturally polygamous, since compared to most mammals we practice monogamy quite a lot. Our evolution pushed us into that direction but I'm not an expert enough on this to say for sure. I just don't think it's for sure that we're naturally polygamous is all

  • I don't mind and it non of my business. The way I see is we all die might well do what are heart desire. So, why not do what you want. Life is short anyway.

  • I've always been interested in it, i'm not sure if I would actually go through with it though lol


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  • To require multiple partners insinuates a lack of self control and the need for sex. Instead of finding a single person to invest in, you can simply find someone else that's all shiny and new.

    The pleasure of sex is nothing more than a natural high, and relying on any kind of high (video games, workaholics, alcoholics, druggies) means you have a weak heart that's unable to pursue a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

    In one sense, it shows laziness. In the other, addiction. Neither are considered healthy.

    • So what you saying is. Im lazy and only want sex? There you go judging my lifestyle! Lol all I just read was fasle negativity!

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    • And I feel you on that! But all I got out of it is you callin me. A lazy unhealthy druggie. You was doing more dissing than explaining.

    • It's 3 AM, Tuesday morning and I'm typing this on a five year old phone.

      Sorry, didn't feel like sugar coating everything. Although I guess I ended up typing even more just by having to explain myself.

      And, truth is, what if those were my feelings? You're the one who asked for our opinions.

      You can't just ask "what do you think?" and reply with "well your idea is fucking stupid!"

  • In the Western world, the nations are founded in Christianity, which focuses on monogamous marriage.

    Poly relationships are fine, as long as there is no deceit involved anywhere.

  • There is no such word as polynomous, please correct your question with an update as it is embarrassing to read.

    Most people like monogamy in human societies but that's what has worked well for us so far. You are free to do what you want though but not everyone will agree with your lifestyle choice, just let it be.

    • Why is everyone so stuck on this fucking word! If you dont understand something you shouldn't reply. I need help with the question not the word I understand I fucked can people just hop off of my nuts

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    • I would if I knew how. But I dont even know tbh.

    • It's like where the comment box would be. It says "update" next to it on a button. Hope that helps

  • Western world.. Since the export of of culture of the west through imperialism, they imposed it into their colonies and made it a norm..


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