Guys, will he try to win me back?

We had been dating for about 2 months and things were going great! We weren't seeing anyone else and we had a great time together, and the sex was the best I've ever had. Then last week he told me that it was too much like a relationship and he wanted to just be friends with benefits, that he wouldn't see anyone else but he wanted to have the option to pursue other girls if they came along and not feel guilty about it.

I told him that I'm not a girl that he can use to pass the time with until someone better comes along, and that for me dating means getting to know someone with the possibility of it turning into a relationship down the road, so I broke it off with him. I know I deserve more than being just a friend with benefits.

Problem is, we really liked each other, had a great time together, and I could see being with him if we wanted the same thing. I know you can't force someone into something they don't want, but is it stupid to hope that he comes back saying that he'd be willing to give it a shot?

I haven't contacted him since we broke things off, is there any way for me to know if he's going to try to get me back, or if I should just go with my instincts and continue on with my life and not look back?
Guys, will he try to win me back?
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