How to flirt with a guy while playing basketball?

So I'm "Crushing" on this guy he is REALLY cute and sweet we both love playing basketball, that's the main time we spend together- after school playing basketball... But he has the "female friend" she is hyper, fit, cute and has been friends with him, so whenever me and "my crush" are having a moment, she jumps in and spoils it and clings on to him constantly I'm being pushed away but I've noticed that it is mainly when we are playing basketball we get close. SOMEONE HELP MEE PLEASE!!!


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  • Guys like partners they can have fun with. Just be a fun person. Playing basketball is a great way to do that, so you don't really need to do anything else except pray that he's attracted to you too.

    • thanks good advice xx

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  • then try 2 meet him somewhere ALONE withut his friend... and don't worry... he might like u more than her basically ;-)

    • AWK lets just hope he does xx

  • Just keep playing. Maybe find a new court and invite him for 1v1 alone.

    • not a lot of courts in the uk as their main sport is football xx

  • While playing basketball?

    Just post him up, but do it in like a flirty way.

    • I will definitely try that xx

  • Bend over in front of him

    • Fuck off am not a slut and he is defos not like that we are always talking about bitches who obviously have no self respect. GOODBYE

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