Girls: what is it like to date a druggie?

what stories and experiences can you share...and was this boy a good friend before you dated him?


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  • It depends on the person really, but I fell in love with someone who used to be into meth and did a lot of other heavy drugs.

    He was an amazing person and I loved him for his wonderful personality and his kind soul. Although the drugs worried me I always knew he would be ok and he eventually slowed down to just marijuana, which I was fine with. He was also my best friend before we started dating.

    Now I myself am not perfect, I've done my fair share of drugs and I haven't had an easy life and I have my own issues but we understood each other and had a very positive relationship and we helped each other grow and mature as people.

    In our case I considered it to be a mutually positive relationship but it may not always be like that. I still love him and we are still happy but I've seen a lot of situations like ours go bad. I was lucky I got myself a good man who had a kind heart but watch out, some people can be extremely aggressive when they take drugs. My dad was an abusive alcoholic and for most of my life I witnessed a relationship wrecked by substance abuse and experienced the hurt that comes from it. It's awful and I'm still recovering from the 19 years of emotional damage and it pains me to know that other people have to go through the same situation.

    I can't tell you whether you should follow through with it or not. . . but I will say follow your heart and do what feels right. But make sure to really asses the situation, take it slow, and if anything makes you uncomfortable or if there starts to be warning signs of a potentially abusive relationship get out of there as soon as you can. If something makes you uncomfortable don't be able to stand up for yourself, you don't want to be stuck in an abusive relationship.

    Sorry for the super long post but I hope I helped?


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  • are you asking because you're considering it?

    obviously you are orhis would be a very random question

    if so I would reconsider ;)

    Theres no real future with someone like that. You will just end up beoming attatched to a useless guy and bring down the standard of your own life.

    My friend started dating a drug fiend. She used to be really fit, exercising every day at the gym, partying with friends, playing sports etc. Now she just stays inside all day with him.


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  • My brother's ex wife could tell you this.

    He'd rob their bank account.

    Return their children's x-mas gifts.

    Pawn all their items.

    She'd also tell you how her children cry at night because they miss daddy - but daddy is out getting high and missed his chance again to see his kids.

    Or you can ask the bank teller when he tried to cash a stolen check.

    Or you can the police officers that showed up and took him to jail.

    Or you can ask the judge who sentenced him to a year in prison.

    Yeah, I bet if you asked him he wouldn't tell you what it's like because he needs you to feed his habit and that IS his relationship - the drugs, not u.

  • My sister was a druggy and she dated druggies. Actually the expieriances she went threw therally traumatised me to "dating" and sex in general.

    She traded sex for ANYTHING drugs,a place to sleep...anything...she robed us over and over again... The men she had sex with were vile. One had Rotted gums...she did so many vile acts...Shes happily married now and I wish her the best But her life realy crushed my own lol.

  • it sucks, ill be honest with you.

    i dated my best friend who I was crazy in love with, and then he became a druggie, and we ended because he loved his drugs more than me.

    so if you can deal with that, great. but if not... I really wouldn't mess with it. ESPECIALLY if you don't wanna get involved with drugs yourself. its hard to be with someone so into them when your not.

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