Why should I approach women?

i've decided to stop approaching women. and if i like a girl that i know, i won't be the one donig the asking out either. i think the only reason women expect men to approach them is because they've been conditioned into it by guys coming up to them their whole lives. the worst is when a women hints that she is interested in a guy by smiling or making eye contact but still won't actually approach him. i feel that i have more to offer women than they can offer me so if they're interested in me, they can the first move. now i know what you're thinking - it will be hard for me to meet women this way, but i think staying true to what i believe is more important then meeting women. however i'm not completely closed-minded on this. if someone can give me a good reason why the guy should make the first move, or at the very least why women won't make the first, i'd be willing to continue approaching women. what i'm asking is, are there any real reasons why the guy 'should' or is expected to do the approaching?

why is no one answering? isn't questions like this what the site is for?
nobody gave me a single good reason. well that settles it then. i will no longer be approaching women :)


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  • I don't think there's a good reason to do it, and I admire your determination.


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  • "i feel that i have more to offer women than they can offer me"

    Very nice attitude you have towards women. Good luck with that.

    • you see the irony here don't you?

    • I don't know any women who think they have more to offer than men.

    • that's not what i meant by irony.

  • Maybe you shouldn't...

    • keep it up. you've have enough for that amazon voucher in no time!

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    • i'm curious though. wouldn't it be quicker to get a job and actually work for the money instead of answering countless questions until you have enough to buy a voucher?

    • I do work. xD
      I'm curious too: what made you so bitter in life?

  • I thin you should approach may be she is shy but if a girl said that is my preference or something like that then she is a bitch but all are not the same man.
    I approach two

  • Okay I'll explain you my case. I'm really shy and usually get scared when there are situations where my heart and feelings are concerned. I'm among those people who'll be loyal till the end. I get too attach to people who matter the most.
    So automatically I get really alarmed and tense in such situation cuz I know I'll literally die if someone plays with my heart..
    So I never approach any guy but rather let them approach me. I take my time and do play hard to get. Most of the guy lose there interest right there. Hence the potential heart breakers get eliminated right there. This really help as the guy who cannot stay for such a little time is definitely not worth my loyalty.
    I usually see guy fooling, using and playing with girls, so I'm scared and I never approach.

    I know this story was out of blues but I fell the need to tell you.
    So the girl who made you think this must be insecure in some way. And if you really like her just talk to her, look into her eyes and tell what you feel.
    Indirect methods don't work with most of the girls... they will keep on denying until a genuine verbal confession is made.

    • This is really funy if you pla hard he has to chase you like a dog haah... Funy girl

    • Whatever

  • No. You should just live your life alone until a woman approaches you. If that never happens you should just die happily alone.

    • If you don't want to help why you giving your opinion lol because you know this won't help him and he will think more worse about girls. Don't spoil the repution of a woman😊
      If you don't like it just ignore it

    • I am trying to help. If he doesn't want to take a risk and approach people, he'll never meet anyone new unless they decide to approach him.

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  • if you don't want them then don't approach them. According to you, you have more to offer them than they have to offer you. If that's what you believe, then my advice is that you stay single. The guys who should approach women are those who feel that women have just as much to offer them as they do for women. You on the other hand clearly don't care much for them, so i dont see why you should. I still approach women because i actually like them, and i believe that the good ones have just as much to offer me as i do them.

    • i didn't say i don't want them. just that i have more to offer. i still think women have a placein my life, i just don't think it's right that men are always expected to make the first move.

  • You said if I said the good resoan then you will continu approaching girls-> I like it and I would like to help you.
    Here you have rember one thing you said girls are not making the first and it is bad. You know that is bad then why you doing that mistake. To you like to be a bad person. No so go and approach girls 😊.
    If they don't approach you that is not your fault it is completely there mistake by wasting both of your time so go head😊

    • i have no idea what you're saying, sorry

  • Supply and demand.
    There's more fools ( men ) willing than women willing to get into a relationship.

    Women know men have lower standards and can "charge" as much as they want.

    If you're in the desert and you are dying of thirst i can charge you a million bucks for a glass of water.

    Same logic.

  • Because you can't always get what you want by sitting around and waiting.

    You don't have to force yourself to approach. Can just let it happen if you feel compelled enough to say something to a woman.

    • oh really? then why do women get what they want by sitting around and waiting for guys to make the first move?

  • they are not all monsters. find the few good ones and befriend them. they will bring light in your life.