This 16 year old girl likes me?

She's attractive looks much older but ughhh she's 16. I told her to give me a call when she turns 18. Should I just completely disregard her for now lol. I'd never have sex with a minor. I just turned 22 that would be wrong.
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She just wants to hook up.. this isn't love lol


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  • Well... Where/what state do you live in? You may not believe this... But some states have an age of consent (meaning they can consent to sex with anyone) of 16... Regardless I would think she's too young to do that and he parents could get pissed, but you may be legally safe depending where you live. And if it's legal, it's your life. But, ehhhh I would think is a bad idea when she is so young regardless.


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  • If she likes you, wait. No Problem.
    If in that time she goes after someone else, No Problem.
    If she actually waits the two years faithfully for you, consider invoking marriage proposal. No Problem.

    • No dude this isn't love lol I'm pushing her off me because she just wants to hook up.

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    • Older man? Shit I just turned 22 lol.

    • You're older by six years. It's enough. Seriously don't feed her vanity.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I wonder if she'd actually wait two years xD

    • This isn't love lol she just wants to hook up with me. I'm pushing her off

  • Yes you should. She's way too young for you.

    • Would it be wrong to through banter back n fourth not even talking to each other in person here and there. I mean she turns 18 in two years.

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    • I said no but she will text me every once jn a while I'm debating if I should just ignore it completely or text back once in a while

    • Ignoreeeeeeeeee her.

What Guys Said 4

  • if you are in a region where she is legal then just go for it. Some US states and Canada are all 16 and some European countries are as young as 12 or 14

  • think about her as a woman for a sec: what are your feelings for her?

  • if its legal do it :P

  • Two years is a lon


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