Guys, would you date a girl with short hair?

I have short hair. I want to know what men think of it. I'm trying to grow it back out. Originally, I had it shaved in support of my best friend, who had (and lost his battle to) cancer.


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  • Beauty lies within, of course. But before you get to know the woman, you usually see her from afar. If I have a chance to see a women being kind with friends or helping someone, dancing or overhear her say something nice, that would be a plus. Often in big cities you hardly get much time before the girl has passed you by. At that point you are sort of down to how she appears, clothes, movement, body, face and hair. Women with short hair grab my attention in a positive way that women with long hair do not. In any event, concert, party, dance, whatever, I would definitely try to talk with women with short hair first. An attractive and interesting woman with short hair in a room can make the rest of the women not exist. Thinking back, I've probably dated women with short hair over 90 percent of the time and that is for longer than most everyone on this site has been alive. And I am quite alright with most of you guys chasing off in other directions.


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  • Yeah I wouldn't mind it. A lot of women rock the short hair, like Anne Hathaway and Shailene Woodley (my current celebrity crush :P).

    You look really good with short hair by the way, and that's great that you were supporting your friend. :) I'm really sorry about your loss though. :(

  • Everytime I see a girl who looks great with short hair, I can't help but think she'd look even better with long hair... So it does suit you well, but...

  • The story is sweet, but i would probably not pursue a girl i didn't know with short hair (depends how short though...). To me long hair is the ultimate sign of femininity and as such one of the major turn ons girls have, so sorry to say but probably not, but don't worry your hair will be back soon enough for you to find yourself a boyfriend.

  • Short hair is just as sexy as long when the girl herself knows how to show it off without fear. Your actions are memorable and I hope you get rewarded in double :)

  • Sure, I don't see any reason not to date her.
    See Anne Hathaway.
    Plus those blond hair suits your face perfectly ^_^

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