Why can't I get past the talking stage?

I'm very charming and pretty (lol im pretty confident about myself). Most of the time i end up talking to guys that Im attracted to but we never get past the talking stage. If i like the guy i tell them how i feel and usually they like me back. And thats it! we dont become boyfriend and girlfriend. Am i doing something wrong?


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  • I know the feeling. Lol. Men! As soon as a woman says something they don't like or that is too much for them to handle or something happens that overwhelms them, they run. I have had quite a few "talking relationships" over the last few years. None have ever made it past that.

    • Boys are stupid, what can you do 😄

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    • Ya, I really struggled with that..."assume she knows what it means even though she may have just indicated that she doesn't, and be thought an asshole (and I am...), or explain it because she *may* have indicated that she doesn't know what that means... turn out that she *does* know what that means, and be thought an asshole (and I am...)

    • Hahaha! @fenixx0083

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