Why does my boyfriend always think im texting other guys?

this new guy im dating always assume imtextin another guy just because im always on my phone. Like what does that mean , why does he always ask that?


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  • Your obsession of wanting guys to talk to you, would disturb ANY guy you're dating.


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  • Insecurity. But perhaps he's been cheated on before? That could be the root of it. I would talk to him about it. Reassure him that you are not talking to other guys. He needs to work on his insecurity.


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  • because he's clingy af. he may be having some trust issues and that's not a good sign. just be firm with him here. he needs to know that u r loyal to him and u wouldn't do anything to hurt him.

    plus, even if u are texting other guys, I'm sorry but are u not allowed to have male friends now or what? -.- dont let ur boyfriend determine how u interact with people.


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