Boyfriend always texting his guy friends is this normal?

I've glanced over and seen that they are his guy friends names but he is always texting them,he works with them then comes home and texts them its annoying!I don't expect him to give me attention 24/7 but I go to have a conversation with him and he either ignores what I say and then says huh?. It seems a bit rude..Of course I don't care if he texts his guy friends,at least it's not a girl..I hope not anyway.I text my friends but not for hours on end.Almost seems like he is just not interested in what I have to say anymore.We live together and he doesn't text me through the day anymore,maybe its because he knows he will just see me anyway,but he manages to come home and text his mates all the time.Guys do you always text your guy friends?Do you do it a lot?


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  • 1) Don't look over at what other people are texting. It's rude and annoying.

    2) Why are you living with a guy with so little to offer you?

    3) It's not rude if it's not on a date. It's his private space too.

    4) Is it possible that you two just have nothing left to say to one-another?

    On the other hand:

    5) This guy obviously has stunted social skills or has no ability/willingness to share himself with you at the same level you seem to be wanting. Move on. I suggest dating older men.

    • He does it to me too and I just called him a textaholic and he said what to work mates?And showed me the list of messages on his phone.I said to him it's annoying because he ignores me when I try to have a conversation with him.And he was just being a same ass and said what?Haha.And I said you're weird you work with them and then you text them when you get home too,you must be gay.I don't know what came over me but I guess I got annoyed and said that.Now he probably thinks I'm needy and insecure

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    • Right needed advice,not insults.

    • Ok: my advice is to stop being overbearing. And to possibly get a puppy to give you the attention you're not getting from your boyfriend.

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  • I think he IS rude. If he is too engrossed in something else to give you attention other than "Huh?" then he's being rude. Its like someone else is in the room having a conversation with him but you can't hear that person. SUPER annoying.