Does my guy friend like me? or he just sees me as a friend?

So I found out that my guy friend hung out with a friend the other day. basically she has been friends with him longer than I have, so I think they consider each other really good friends. Anyways, she texted him asking if any of our friends were in town. I guess he then texted everyone (including me) if we were doing anything. All of us said we were busy. So he texted my friend back saying that and she replied with "oh man.. okay" and he replied back saying "wanna grab food from another city?". (This city has a toll as well so he spent $20 just on tolls for her). So he picked her up and they went to this place for 2 hours and ate and talked I guess (this was from 8pm to 10pm). And I don't know if he's ever flirty with her when they're alone. she has a boyfriend by the way and i'm pretty sure he knows... unless he doesn't.

Now here is how he hangs out with me:
I'll ask him if he wants to do something and then he'll pick me up and we'll do the activity, then he'll suggest to go back to his place and eat dinner then watch a movie or random videos. While he is with me, he'll be touchy and flirty and sometimes even says flirty things. and we usually spend 7 hours together. he's even come with excuses twice, recently, to come to my place to use my wifi because his wasn't working (he could've used his phone to do what he needed to I feel if his house wifi was not working). he's said random things to me like "i'm not dating anyone" and he will make random penis comments (he's done it twice so far). I've been friends with him for only 3 months now. and i've noticed he never initiates plans with anyone... it's always us. he also is always down to hang out when it's either me or the other girl. when other girls in our friend group try to hang he will make excuses if either of us are not there. he also shares with me all his family and personal info. My friend said he doesn't talk about that stuff with her. He also will reply to my texts fast.
Does my guy friend like me? or he just sees me as a friend?
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