Why does my guy friend ignore me ?

this guy friend , well I wouldn't consider him as a friend , but he is kinda like a friend . anyways we have everything in common . He's the boy version of me , we even say stuff at the same time sometimes . but he'll do this thing where he talks to me then ignores me. but when we all hanging out as a group he'll ask one of my friends to ask me to come. If I say no he makes a big deal about me not coming ( not in front of me ) but when I'm there he acts like I'm not even here. if me and Him are alone in a room he doesn't talk to me . its like he acts like he could care less if we friends . its been 2 years now . and to be honest I liked him since we first met . so it really bothers me when he ignores me . to be honest I ignore him too . like my friend would come up to me and ask " why you and james are not talking?" when we really are talking , we just ignore each other. and don't say he ignores me because I ignore him , because I ignore him because he ignores me . we talk , but we could talk more . its like we do it on purpose , when we alone there's always these awkward silences . we live in NY so we take the train , I'd see him on the train in the morning and we say hi and just sit down not talking ; even when its only the two of us on the cart . I glance at him to see what he's doing and he just sits there , I mean why not just talk to me ? I started thinking he hated me . but I wasn't in school for a week and my friend said he kept asking for me (so he noticed I was gone O.o ) when I came back to school he hugged me and said he missed me and asked where I was , but then its back to avoiding each other . sometimes we glance at each other but its always these awkward looks . I've been in his house , his bed ( not like that ) , ate his food , stayed over , played video games with him , we joke around and etc . . . things friends do ! so why do we ignore each other ?
Why does my guy friend ignore me ?
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