Why is my guy friend ignoring me?

Me and my guy friend are very close. We play games together, send eachother memes and sometimes lesbian/yuri pics (I’m bisexual and have a girlfriend and he’s into lesbians but he isn’t flirty towards me and respects my sexuality) but the thing is, I was in a bad mood and feeling insecure

So he wanted to know what was wrong so I told him that I was in a bad mood, I felt ugly and insecure and he said “nah girl you’re cute. Don’t put yourself down there’s always someone prettier than us normal people” then proceeds to tell me that I look young for my age, and that he says when I go to uni like the other girls I’ll go from cute to “hot and wanna fuck that” and I was confused about what he meant by the first line but I was like “ok forget it not a big deal” and tbh he sounded like he was in a bad mood while trying to console me.

To be fair he did tell me that he has been feeling really down and insecure, but then he said something that kinda annoyed me and I was like “first you called me average, now you’re saying this, are you in a bad mood or something?” Then he just said “ok cya” and didn’t talk to me.

So I asked him the next day if I’ve done or said something wrong and why he’s upset he’s like “nah I’m just tired”. But I still see him reply to his other friends in the group chat, sends memes, and talks to them and he seems okay yet he doesn’t talk to me?

I feel like I’ve done something wrong but he just doesn’t wanna tell me and he seems okay with others but he’s just ignoring me. What have I done wrong? I tried asking him and I really wanna ask him again but he’s ignoring me and I rlly don’t wanna bother him. What’s up with him?
Why is my guy friend ignoring me?
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