Why does my boyfriend always blame me for everything and go for advice to his female friend who hates me?

I tried breaking up many times, but I'm so attached to him and it seems like he doesn't want to break up, i love him still and it just feels bad. I have no one to go to advice in real life, so I'll ask here. Lately in our relationship, all I want to do is cry, I used to be happy before, but nowadays he's always suspicious of me and he's always mad while blaming me for everything. It's over me talking to one of his guy friends on daily basis. I stopped talking to that guy friend now because it bother my boyfriend, but he trusts his friend enough to say that I'm the one who flirted with him and engaged him into a conversation; when the friend starts a majority of our conversations. Apparently I was being too friendly, but i just respond to his messages and most of our conversations are about video games, that's it.

My boyfriend keeps trying to look through my phone to see if I texted him and he has the password to my facebook account. I haven't talked to his guy friend at all last week. He threw something at me and he grabbed a guy's butt and then he tried to text a girl right in front of me asking her out on a date for coffee. it felt like he was trying to get back at me, so I tried ignoring him so I could cool off. When I contacted him again, he was asking his female friend who's dating the guy friend who i 'flirted' with for advice. She couldn't careless about his situation, and she was angry at me talking to the guy friend. She gave my boyfriend emoji and texts that it's ok that i wasn't worth it and she gave me a whole passive aggressive text about how she doesn't like me getting near her boyfriend but in a fake nice way. my boyfriend listens to her, i feel like i'm being ganged up on.

the guy friend is completely oblivious about this topic except for the fact that we were too close and we need to stop talking to each other all the time. he doesn't get any blame and the friend who's a girl told my boyfriend to keep it a secret

what should i do?
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i don't like the guy friend at all by the way, i knew him a long time ago but i was never close to him
Why does my boyfriend always blame me for everything and go for advice to his female friend who hates me?
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