Why does my hometown make me depressed?

Why? do i feel depressed and not motivated?


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  • Be cause you are someone dynamic who needs to feel like you are always moving forward. Being in your home town makes you feel like you are stuck and can't go forward. It must be an anxiety similar to your own generation's FOMO or fear of missing out. The anxiety they feel when they don't have their phone in their hand.
    What are your plans for the future? Are you planning on moving out of town?

    • yeah but i feel like i want to meet more people... and not Always see the same faces, i live in a town 180.000 people, which isn't much, and i like cities with over half a million people in it, makes me feel alive but what about my family?

    • Deploy your wings little bird, and fly !
      You can't stay in the nest forever. Go make your own life and come back with stories to tell.

  • im sure you live in Europe

    • yeah i do but it is linked with bad memories so i feel depressed, i only live ehre because of family but if it wasn't for them i would have left

    • i live in Europe too and your right. its depressing to live here because the weather is always bad and there are almost more older people then younger people where i live. i will leave here soon..

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