Hopeless romantic! What's it mean? Good or bad? How'd you feel being called it by someone you're into, if you called some1 it what is your meaning?

Would you find it endearing?

Would you date a hopeless romantic?


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  • It maybe means someone who's romantic to talk too but she's pretty much emotional type of girl.. My girl though not much romantic but is hopeless about herself nd I say it when I get frustrated of her self de-couraging behavior..
    If someone calls me like this I'd feel Okk..
    I'd date someone who's hopeless romantic! cuz such people are usually loyal nd she can be good girlfriend nd might be obedient! :)
    Complete answers? I deserve MHO :p

    • lol haha, well you did answer all the points in my question in complete and coherent sentences. lol I was just curious to hear people's thoughts since I told a guy who was talking to me, wow now I know you're a hopeless romantic. lol and like my friend freaked out and said that was a horrible thing for me to say, but like, I think being a hopeless romantic is nice. lol
      lol annnnnywayz, take your MHO you've earned it.

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    • lol yeah we think about it the same way.
      Lol... yeah I think he might have freaked out a bit, but like I think he knows I'm not some evil vampire trying to make fun of him. So we're all good haha

    • Hahaha.. Right

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