Will a guy unfollow a girl on instagram?

Let me just sum it up by saying we have had a complicated, slightly unrequited romantic interest in each other in the past but we didn't date for complicated reasons. I deleted him off instagram but he hasn't deleted me. I've had other strictly aquaintance based males unfollow me on instagram almost the second I unfollowed them, but this guy hasn't. If you think about it, this guy has more of a reason to unfollow me than my make acquaintances because of all the baggage involved. So what's your opinion?

And yes he has unfollowed people who didn't follow him back, in the past.

Basically what I'm asking is

Does him not unfollowing me still indicate some sexual attraction towards me, despite us not dating for various reasons. (he told his friend I was beautiful and another friend I was cute).


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  • Well, he loves you doesn't he? He is keeping you for now because ne is holding on to the idea that maybe it's not over. Eventually, the truth will dawn on him or he will fall in love with somebody else and forget about you. Once this happens, he'll remove you.

    • He's supposedly dating another girl now who goes to the same college as him. That was our main problem, not going to the same school

    • And no, he also didn't want to date me because we didn't know each other well yet

    • Funny... You get to know people by dating them no?
      Maybe he just hasn't come around to deleting you...

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