Girls, have you ever kicked a guy in the nuts before?

I got in an argument with a girl i was kinda datings friend and she got real mad then outta nowhere just kicked me in the nuts... needless to say it brought me down pretty quick and left me breathless... why do some girls think this is ok? It is the one spot that hurts the MOST and you should not kick us there...


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  • Yes I have. He hurt me and then as payment said I could kick him in the nuts and I did.

    • Are you serious? What guy would say that... i hope it wasn't hard

    • Well he sent me into a panic attack so he felt bad. And no, it wasn't hard. It wasn't trying to really hurt him.

    • Oh ok fair enough

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  • No, I haven't and don't plan to.

  • Yup I've kicked my brothers in the balls before.

    • Why? Do you not realise how much it hurts... what do they do when you kick them

    • Well I'm female. So no.
      It was a long time ago. Sometimes it was an accident (like I was learning to walk and arms flailing and punch), sometimes it was during a fight. I've never intentionally gone for the balls, it's just been in the way or someone's moved at the wrong time.
      I've accidentally kneed my boyfriend in the balls as well. But that was pure clumsiness. Rolling around in bed.

    • I think thats happened to every guy in bed with his partner lol 😖

  • I never have and its not ok to do it... however if it was a guy attacking me physically then rules dont apply and yeah I'd go for his nuts but I figure he deserves it if he attacks a woman.

    • So is that the first thing ud go for if attacked or just something ud consider

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    • Ok got ya... well as much as i hate to admit it, its def our number 1 weakness... had me curled up in a ball immediately...😁

    • Yeah so I've heard...