Slept with an engaged woman, what do I do?

sshe's engaged to a guy who works too much and does not spend much time with her. she works, but not as much. her fiancé cheated on her, and she still stayed with him. we hung out together at my house and drank. we spent the night together and had sex (I am single and neither of us have kids). she says that I'm a wonderful man, and she'd be with m, but does not know what to do. neither do III we sleep with each other when her fiancé is out of town.
me and the fiancée also tend to watch movies, hit the gym, and play video games online together. and we cuddle up in bed.


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  • Tell the man his fiancé's a skank, and that you're the fuckboy who fucked her so he won't have to waste money on a wedding with someone who cheats, or you could tell this man that you're a fuckboy who fucked his skank of a fiancé, but that she should forgive her for this one mistake since he has also cheated and shouldn't be a hyrocrite. Either which way someone has to be honest about it because secrets like this will ruin a marriage.


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  • I don't think she should get married that's for sure, she should just break off the engagement , there is no loyalty left in that future for either one of them


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  • Well, how does it make you feel?

    Guilty that you are sleeping with someone else's girl?

    Excited that you pulled in someone who is engaged?

    Are you catching feelings for her?

    What you do.. depends on how you feel.. and what you want to do.


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  • avoid her! She is nothing but trouble

  • Redemption.

    • what do you mean?

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    • Never cheat with anyone ever again.

    • And be sure to apologies and make amense.

  • u keep sleeping with her


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