My crush did a double take?

I walked into our building and he was talking to another guy but when he saw me he quickly looked back for second look. Is that a good sign? It was really fast. Also i haven't seen him in a few weeks since he works second shift. Thanks in advance!


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  • It can mean a lot of other things like
    1. He hasn't seen you in awhile too, so seeing you may have came to a surprise to him and he had to verify he saw who he thought he saw.
    2. Maybe he saw a spot on your outfit or on your body.
    3. He knows you have a crush on him and wanted to catch you if you're looking.

    or it can also means he finds you attractive as well so why not go up and speak to him. lol

    • Well we also locked eyes too l. We both looked up at the same time and didn't break eye contact for more than 3 seconds. Finally i jus pased him a smile and he reciprocated it then we both lingered 1 sec more before breaking eye contact. Well i wanna make sure im readin all the right signs before i talk to him on personal level lol he's really uh... nice lol

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    • Yea bur if someone was staring at me for a long time id break eye contact quickly if wasbt attracted to them. I never wanna give someone the impression that I WAS into them. Plus too its easy to gaze at a cute face... an ok or ugly one u could careless contineing looking. Its beginning stages i only seen him handful of times. Think im try n flirt with him and see where that goes. No need to rush things =)

    • Thank u by the way =)

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  • he's really uh... SEXY! lol

    gopher it dude heheh

    • Lol well i think he at least finds me attractive so im going to try and talk with him nexr time and maybe even flirt =)

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  • Maybe he liked what he saw🙂

  • Double take is always good unless you were really weird looking.


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