Is it weird that I like girls sitting on my chest, holding me down?

This goes back to when I was around 12. I was friends with a boy my age who lived nearby. He had an older sister (probably around 16) who was a bit of a bully. She was quite big and liked to push other people around. She would sometimes push me around whenever I was at my friends house. A couple of times she actually wrestled me to the floor and would basically put me in what's called a "Schoolgirl Pin"(sitting high up on my chest, with my arms trapped under her shins). She would keep me there for a while while watching TV, or talking to her friends on the phone, etc, before evetually getting off. She was fairly heavy so it was pretty uncomfortable being under her weight for so long, but it was also strangely arousing in a weird way. Everytime I went to my friends house I would feel nervous and excited , not knowing whether or not she'd sit on me, or how long it would last. She eventually moved out and went to college, and I lost touch with my friend. To this day, I don't really know why she did it, or why it turned me on.

Is it weird that I feel this way?


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  • No, that is not weird at all. Some of our past experiences can form our sexuality.


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  • No its fine


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